Beer Tasting: Beachcomber

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2013 has seen the introduction of our new summer seasonal; Beachcomber. In years past, we’ve tried going the “summer wheat beer” route like many of the Big Brewers. They came out decent, but none of them were mind blowing or earth shattering, by any means. This year we decided to do something completely different and brew a not-so-tradition Belgian Saison-eque beer. Beachcomber features loads of fruity American hops (our favorite!) combined with authentic Belgian yeast to create a true summer sipper!

This was our first batch of Beachcomber and it came out EXTREMELY well. It pours an incredibly thick, milky white head, leaving copious amounts of lacing on the brim of the glass. It’s color is a bit on the lighter side – bright and straw-like. Beachcomber’s aroma is something special, showcasing hints of banana, clove, pepper, dried apricot, stone fruits, and yeast. As it warms, notes of white grapes/wine become more prevalent and dominate the nose. It tastes of peach – lots of peach, with subtle contributions of phenols and esters. This brew is highly carbonated, so it has a lighter mouthfeel – but it didn’t finish as dry as I had hoped!

While we believe there is room for improvement with Beachcomber’s recipe, it has been one of the best received beers we have ever brewed! And this was our first shot at this recipe! We kicked this keg a few days ago but keep a lookout for more in a couple of weeks!

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