Beer Tasting: Domestication

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Domestication was our first take on a 100% Brettanomyces fermented beer, brewed way back on 12/26/2013. I am always intrigued with beers featuring Brett, especially 100% Brett fermentations. Some of my favorites are Russian River Sanctification, Crooked Stave Surette Provision Saison and St. Bretta, and The Lost Abbey Mo Betta Bretta.

We’ve been so busy lately that we have not had time to properly review this beer. Here goes:

Appearance – This beer was incredible hazy before being aged in bottle (expected as most Brett beers don’t flocc well). The color is reminiscent of Budweiser, extra plate, almost water like clarity at this point. Could possibly be confused with white wine save the thin, bright, white head.

Smell – Not overly aggressive but there are faint hints of fruit. In particular I can take note of overripe grapes or perhaps white wine. Overall, not overly aromatic.

Taste – Where the excitement lays! I taste apple, slight acidity and tartness, lemon, overripe banana, touch of Brett funk in finish. Not as intense as I had expected, but still interesting.

Mouthfeel – Quite dry due to the awesome attenuation. Very thin body, in part due to the high levels of carbonation and simple grain bill.

Overall – Very cool beer featuring a 100% Brettanomyces fermentation. Extremely easy drinking beer but probably better for summer months since it is quite refreshing. I would like to age this on fruit if I were to rebrew it in the future to add some complexity. Will be using this malt bill as a basis for the Funk In The House Series.

Edit: This beer scored a 36 in the Boston Wort’s Homebrew Competition on 2/22/2014! Check out the full review of the scoring here.

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