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We made some minor changes to the website over the past week. Thought I’d share some of the new features for those that haven’t checked out the website in a while.

  • New-ish layout. We changed the look slightly – notice the new icons on the top to navigate, new image slider, new footer, etc. We tried to simplify the look but not make it look too boring or unprofessional.
  • New pages. We added “On Tap” and “Blog” pages to keep you up to date with the latest information from Third Leap Brewing Co.
  • New sidebar. You can find this on any pages besides the home page – it displays blog categories & tags, latest news, recent comments, and instagram photos from our feed. Hopefully this will make navigating around the site a tad easier.
  • New connect icons. Check these out at the bottom of every page – it lets you connect to our facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, and youtube accounts. You can also email us more quickly by clicking on the link below the social media icons.

There are still some features we are working on adding. We’d like to have a feedback or comment slot for each beer, so you can praise our brewmaster after trying one of our awesome beers. I’d also like to add the “beer label” logo for each beer and the actual photo for each brew. We have to work on our lighting a bit to get the photos of the beer perfect. Lastly we hope to update the “Brewery” page so that you can see (and read) why our new all-electric brewery is so great.

Take the Leap!

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