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Table Ale #2


The first attempt at a table ale was underwhelming but provided enough substance to build upon for the next iteration. I typically try to limit the number of changes in subsequent batches to one or two (tops), but for this second version I implemented (gasp!) six: Higher mash temperature (increase FG and body) Lower fermentation…(Read More)

I have always revered the heritage and romance of lambic brewing. From old-world unmalted grain and complex turbid mashing to spontaneous fermentation and precise blending, lambic truly embodies the unity of science and art. And it’s those magical wild microbes that take residence in the beer for upwards of three years that remind…(Read More)

Farmhouse Ale #1


About the time I was hashing out my third attempt at a business plan for Third Leap, I was fortunate to stumble across Topher Boehm’s farmhouse beer blog. I was originally researching the effect of fermentor geometry on ester and phenol production in beer, but quickly came across Boehm’s post expressing his opinion…(Read More)

Table Ale #1


Despite not being much of a wine drinker, I have always been enamored with the concept of table wine. And no, I’m not taking about the European Union wine regulation’s definition of table wine, but rather an everyday, easy drinking, nothing special, low alcohol wine. A go-to wine, if you must. That…(Read More)

Russian River Supplication was my first-ever wild ale experience. I remember that first sip like it was yesterday – waves of tart cherry and pinot noir with a musty, oaky finish. It was unlike any beer (or wine!) I had ever tasted before. Years later, I would acquire a bottle of Russian River Beatification Batch…(Read More)