Welcome to Third Leap

Third Leap is a New England farmhouse homebrewery founded with foraged yeast.

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It is also my perpetual brewery-in-planning. At this time, however, I do not intend to become a licensed brewery.  For now, Third Leap will live on as a blog and resource for farmhouse brewers everywhere.

My first batch of homebrew was a Grapefruit Honey Ale. Like most beers, it was fermented with brewers yeast (Saccharomyces sp.), as were my next 40 batches. But in late 2013, I brewed a Belgian pale ale and fermented it entirely with domesticated wild yeast (Brettanomyces sp.). That beer changed my brewing life forever. And since that day, my homebrewing mantra has become (as The Lost Abbey so eloquently puts it) “in illa brettanomyces nos fides (in the wild yeast we believe).

100+ batches later, and my homebrew focus has completely shifted. Today, my goal is to create artisan beer that harmonizes local ingredients with native, foraged yeast to impart a distinctive New England terroir. Specifically, I hope to promote three concepts; local terroir, farm-to-glass, and slow beer. The intent of this blog is to chronicle my recipes, techniques, and opinions in an effort to inspire homebrewers everywhere to embrace their inner farmhouse brewer.

My first five years of homebrewing were dedicated to learning. My next five will be dedicated to sharing.

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