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Failure is our greatest teacher (or something like that). Since the reincarnation of Third Leap, I have been diligently working toward realizing two beer concepts locked away in the deep corners of my mind; a farmhouse ale and a table ale. To date, I have brewed three versions of each, with the table ale being…(Read More)

Table Ale #2 was the second attempt at realizing my perfect summer session beer. Brewed in February with Flynn, this iteration featured six major recipe/process changes from batch #1. Change outcomes and abbreviated tasting notes can be found below. Higher mash temperature Jumping the mash temperature from 144°F to 160°F should have…(Read More)

In late 2015, Flynn and I brewed 20-gallons of farmhouse ale over two separate batches. Due to scheduling conflicts, we were not able to evaluate the first batch before brewing the subsequent one. Therefore, we opted to keep the recipe and process identical (save for minor grist adjustments) and only introduce new microbes as…(Read More)

The vision behind the table ale is a sessionable (4% ABV or less), light bodied, clean blonde ale ldth noticeable hop character. Or in other words, the ideal summer beer! The foundation for the initial recipe was built from Farmhouse Ales Grisette recipe and supplemented with information found for Tree House Eureka! (hoppy blonde ale…(Read More)