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At Homebrew Con 2015, James Howatt of Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales presented a seminar on Wild and Spontaneous Fermentation. The seminar highlighted a variety of funky topics and was instrumental in educating homebrewers about proper coolship geometry. For those unfamiliar with the term, a coolship is a broad, shallow, open vessel used to…(Read More)

Don’t be busy. Be productive. In the midst of relocating across the country, planning a wedding, enrolling in an MBA program, and diligently writing for Third Leap Brewing & Blending, I went and started another project;! Truth be told, I have been itching to share research about American Spontaneous Beer producers for…(Read More)

In the early days of brewing, multiple step infusion mashing was the rule, not the exception. During that time, poorly understood malting and kilning processes rendered malted barley without ample enzymes for proper saccharification. These undermodified malts are nearly extinct nowadays, as is multiple step infusion mashing. But history still has its place! Unfortunately, my…(Read More)

After nearly 12 months of foraging microbes, I finally received my first lactic acid bacteria (LAB) isolates! These bacteria are significant because the will ultimately be the forces behind the acid solera beer, a continuous mixture of highly acidic (low pH) beer for blending. While preparing to grow the LAB up for sensory analysis, I…(Read More)

Wild Beer Survey


Every year, organizations such as the Brewers Association, IBISWorld, Hoovers, and Mintel publish craft beer industry data. These reports often detail industry performance, product & markets, competitive landscape, major companies, and operating conditions, among others. While most of the data is general, some reports highlight specific product segments (IPA, seasonal, lager, etc). Unfortunately, despite wild…(Read More)



Welcome to my growing collection of commercial beer pH readings! I use a freshly calibrated Milwaukee MW102 pH meter to measure each and every commercial beer found below. I also try to remember to record the packaging date, but that does not always end up happening. &nbsp…(Read More)

Dry Hop


Ever wonder how your favorite IPA is dry hopped? Below is my collection of brewer-verified commercial dry hop ratios. If you have any recipes to add to the list please drop a comment…(Read More)