Third Leap Brewing & Blending creates beer inspired by the Mountain West, USA.

Mountain IPA #5New England IPA6.8%8/2/2020Prototypical New England IPA with Citra & Galaxy
Black is Beautiful (Mountain Stout #1)American Stout4.2% (est)7/18/2020A worldwide collaboration beer brewed to support justice and equality for people of color
Mountain IPA #4New England IPA4.6%6/26/2020Kveik fermented IPA dry hopped with Citra and Galaxy
Mountain Saison #3Table Beer3.0% (est)6/6/2020Inspired by Jester King's Le Petit Prince
Mountain Seltzer #1Hard Seltzer4.3% (est)5/26/2020Kveik fermented hard seltzer with grapefruit puréeRecipe
Mountain Sour #5Catharina Sour4.2% (est)5/16/2020Kettle soured kveik-fermented blonde ale with apricotRecipe
All Together (Mountain IPA #3)New England IPA6.4%5/4/2020A worldwide collaboration beer brewed to support hospitality professionalsRecipe
Mountain Sour #4Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer4.7%4/26/2020Solera-aged golden aleRecipe
Mountain Sour #3Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer5.5%4/18/2020Solera-aged golden aleRecipe
Mountain Sour #2Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer4.9%4/4/2020Solera-aged golden aleRecipe
Mountain Sour #1Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer3.0%3/29/2020Solera-aged golden aleRecipe
Mountain Pilsner #1New Zealand Pilsner5.4%3/14/2020Hopped with Southern Cross, Huell Melon and Hallertau BlancRecipe

Mountain IPA #2New England IPA8.0%2/10/2020Hopped with Apollo, Simcoe and Amarillo Cryo HopsRecipeReview
Mountain Saison #2Saison5.6%1/25/2020Inspired by Ed Coffey's Farmer In The RyeRecipeReview
Mountain IPA #1New England IPA4.7%12/28/2019Hopped with Columbus, Amarillo, Idaho 7, Citra & GalaxyRecipeReview
Mountain Saison #1Saison5.5%12/07/2019Juicy saison with Citra and Amarillo hopsRecipeReview